Chrysoprase stone stud earrings for woman

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Chrysoprase stone stud earrings for woman.

Sterling silver stud earrings with delicate green apple Chrysoprase stones, genuine without chemical treatments.

Delicate and small Chrysoprase earrings for everyday.

If you love the small earrings, look our collection of stud earrings, or if you love Chrysoprase stone here our jewelry collection with this stone.

Handmade with quality materials, hypoallergenic.

Made in Italy, please contact us for every information.


  • Stone diam. about 8 mm;

Detail materials

  • Chrysoprase stone, diam. 8 mm;
  • Sterling silver earring studs;

Curiosity and properties about the Chrysoprase stone

The chrysoprase stone is one of the family Quartz and its colour can vary from intense apple green to water green. When this gem is left for long time under the sun,it loses part of his characteristic colour, fading, but this process is reversible, so if you put it in a shady and wet place will come back of the original colour.

Because of this curious phenomenon, in the antiquity this stone seemed to have the power to make invisible who carried it with them.

In the ancient Rome, instead, the stone was consecrated to Vesta, the god of virtues, but also to Venus, who carried the divine symbol of love and true.

For the reason to be associated to this divine, it was believed that could reinforce the love; if a man had given to a loved female a ring with a chrysoprase nestled, she had fallen in love with him.

More information about Chrysoprase  stone on Wikipedia.



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