Gold dangle bar earrings with Herkimer diamond

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Handcrafted gold dangle earrings for her, with natural Herkimer diamond. Made in Italy.

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Gold dangle bar earrings with Herkimer diamond.

Handcrafted gold filled bar earrings handmade with natural Herkimer Diamond.

Long and thin, this earrings are perfect for who loves stylish accessories, very nice also for bride if wants, for the most important day of his life, an accessory simple but special and out of the ordinary.

Special wedding jewelry.

Handmade with quality materials and hypoallergenic.

Look our jewelry collection with Herkimer diamond, also for him.

Made in Italy.

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  • Earrings length about 50 mm;
  • Earrings width about 6-7 mm;

Detail materials

  • Herkimer Diamond, about 6-7 mm size;
  • 14 kt gold filled hammered T-bar elements, dim. about 26×3 mm;
  • 14 kt gold filled earwires;

Property and curiosity about the Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer diamond is a unique gem and very particolary, with a endearing beauty. Its magnificet light reflex and its sparkling beauty makes it very similar to the pure diamond.

The Herkimer diamond is a particular rock crystal quartz, unique for its structure and growing because its crystals are biterminated, that is they have pointed endings of each sides, the name of this gem is from the Herkimer County, in the State of New York, where was found for the first time in the XVIII century, during the excavation in the Mohawk River Valley.

This gem is also used in the distillation of the Vodka, in particular in the production of the Crystal Head Vodka, where the last three filtrations are made with this stone.

More information about the gold filled metal on Wikipedia.


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