Gold necklace with Rose Quartz stone half moon shape pendant

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Gold necklace with Rose Quartz stone half moon shape pendant.

Very nice necklace in 24kt gold plated sterling silver, with a refined Rose Quartz pendant, half moon form.

The Rose Quartz stone that compose the pendant is total natural (without chemical treatments or colorations), light rose color.

The veins, that is visible in transparency, aren’t “fractures” of the stone, but typical inclusions of the natural Rose Quartz stone.

We love these half moon shape pendant, because give to the necklace an elegant style perfect with every outfit.

Look our best collection of these necklaces with half moon stone pendant.

Handmade with quality materials, hypoallergenic.

Made in Italy, please contact us for every information.


  • Size stone: width 33 mm, height 19 mm, thickness 3.50 mm;

Detail materials

  • Rose quartz stone, half moon form;
  • 24kt gold plated sterling silver elements;

Curiosity and properties about the Rose Quartz stone

The rose quartz is used from a long time as gem for jewelry, for carving or as artistic item, for example in the ancient Rome it was used in the seals production.

The rose quartz gem has a long tradition in the time and it is protagonist of a long series of myths and isoteric attribution: in the Greec and Roman mythology it appears in the Eros mytho, according to which the god of love should have brought this gem on the earth to give men love and reconciliation.

According to the tradition, the rose quartz has a benefic ial influence on the force, the love and friendship, and seem to have a positive effects on the circulatory system, the arth and the sexual organs, according to the popular belief it’s the stone for excellence to wear when you are looking for the love.

More information about the rose quartz stone, on Wikipedia web site.


Additional information


15 inch (38 cm), 16 inch (40 cm), 17 inch (43 cm), 18 inch (46 cm), 19 inch (48 cm), 20 inch (51 cm), 21 inch (53 cm), 22 inch (56 cm)


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