Gold necklace with tiny cross shape pendant and white Zircons

 35,00 45,00 (VAT included)

Lovely gold necklace, for girls and ladies, handmade with a thin chain and a tiny cross shape pendant set with natural white Zircons.



Gold necklace with tiny cross shape pendant and white Zircons.

Lovely necklace, for girls and ladies, in 14 kt gold-filled, handmade with a thin chain and a tiny cross shape pendant set with natural white Zircons.

Luxurious cross shape pendant charm, is in gold plated (minimum 3 micron gold plating 16kt, made in France) and set with genuine zircons (without chemically treatments or artificial colorations).

Zircon is a small natural stone from the silicate group, known for its brilliance and its resemblance to diamond.

The union of this material so valuable allows to have a precious jewel at an absolutely accessible price.

This necklace is a special gift idea for every occasion: religious, birthday, degree, confirmation, especially for who that you love.

Handmade with quality materials.

The price shown refers to the purchase of the necklace with the cross-shaped pendant only.

If you love gold jewels, look our collection of these necklaces.

This is a minimal jewel thought for who loves tiny accessories, please verify, for example with a ruler, that the dimension correspond with your expectation, to not stay disappointed.

Please contact us if you need more information.

Made in Italy.


  • Pendant size about 11×7 mm;
  • Custom length necklace;

Detail materials

  • Cross shape charm pendant, 16 kt gold plated (minimum plating thickness 3 microns), size 11×7 mm;
  • 14kt gold-filled thin chain;
  • 14kt gold-filled spring clasp;
  • Other 14kt gold-filled metal elements;

Property and curiosity about the Zircon

Zircon is counted among the oldest gems on Earth.

In Western Australia, a tiny fragment of it was found dating back 4.4 billion years; it is the absolute most distant object in time found on the globe.

Its hardness is equal to 7½, very close to that of topaz, and in its colorless variety has a very high refractive index (1814-2024), lower only than that of diamond, so its transparency and characteristic sparkle have allowed zircon to be the perfect replacement for the brilliant stone par excellence.

Chemically, however, the two gems are different: diamonds are made of pure carbon, while zircons are nesosilicates.

However it has its own value and beauty that should be appreciated in itself without intending it as a substitute for a more valuable stone.

More information about the Zircon gemstone on Wikipedia web site.


Additional information


14.17 inch (36 cm), 15 inch (38 cm), 16 inch (40 cm), 17 inch (43 cm), 18 inch (46 cm), 19 inch (48 cm)


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