Gold necklace with tiny pendant and Rock Crystal

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Lovely gold necklace, for girls and ladies, handmade with a thin chain and a tiny pendant set with natural Rock Crystal Quartz.



Gold necklace with tiny pendant and Rock Crystal stone.

Lovely necklace, for girls and ladies, in 14 kt gold-filled, handmade with a thin chain and a tiny pendant set with natural Rock Crystal stone.

Luxurious pendant charm, is in gold plated (minimum 3 micron gold plating 16kt, made in France) and set with genuine Ialine quartz (without chemically treatments or artificial colorations).

The union of this material so valuable allows to have a precious jewel at an absolutely accessible price.

This necklace is a special gift idea for every occasion: birthday, degree, confirmation, especially for who that you love.

Handmade with quality materials.

Look our collection of Rock Crystal jewels.

This is a minimal jewel thought for who loves tiny accessories, please verify, for example with a ruler, that the dimension correspond with your expectation, to not stay disappointed.

Please contact us if you need more information.


  • Pendant size about 10×10 mm;
  • Choose the length necklace that you prefer;

Detail materials

  • Charm pendant, 16 kt gold plated (minimum plating thickness 3 microns), size 10×10 mm;
  • 14kt gold-filled thin chain;
  • 14kt gold-filled spring clasp;
  • Other 14kt gold-filled metal elements;

Property and curiosity about the Rock crystal quartz

The name of this stone derives from the Greek “chrystallos” meaning “clear ice”.

The ancient Greeks believed that Rock Crystal was solidified ice and because of its transparent colour similar to water, it was traced back to this element and used in propitiatory rites to encourage rainfall.

Since the Middle Ages, spheres of this material were thought to have hypnotic and divinatory properties and were used to foretell the future, in the form of the famous “Magic Crystal Sphere”.

In popular belief, Rock Crystal is said to have powers to balance brain functions, strengthen nerves and stimulate glands and blood circulation.

It also infuses energy and alleviates fever, headaches and nausea, soothes pain, especially in the teeth, and seems to help eliminate stress and tension, and promotes the elimination of toxins.

In relation to its colour, this stone represents purity, clarity and sincerity: it brings harmony, joy and serenity; it amplifies and illuminates thought, stimulating the individual to know himself.

It generates purer energy and enlightens the wearer, which is why it should be worn directly on the skin.

More information about the Rock Crystal on Wikipedia web site.

Additional information


16 inch (40 cm), 17 inch (43 cm), 18 inch (46 cm), 19 inch (48 cm)


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