Long Labradorite stones necklace for women and silver nuggets

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Handcrafted necklace for her, with natural Labradorite stones and solid pure silver nuggets

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Long Labradorite stones necklace for women and silver nuggets.

Handcrafted long necklace for her, with natural Labradorite stones and solid pure silver nuggets (the silver percentage is 97-99%, instead that the 92.5% as in traditional silver, this it improves the resistence to the natural oxidation).

Very nice labradorite stones, grey colour, with delicate blue green purple and yellow reflexes,  high quality gemstones, genuine without chemical treatments or colorations.

Bright and elegant, it is perfect with every outfit.

Long, thin and elegant, this necklace can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit, as it is or by doing two or three loops around the neck.

Available in our shop other labradorite jewelry, very nice also for men.

The picture shows the necklace 47″ length, please choose the length that you prefer.

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Made in Italy.

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  • Necklace width about 3.5 mm;
  • Custom length;

Detail materials

  • Labradorite stone, size about 3.5 mm;
  • Solid silver nuggets;
  • Sterling silver lobster clasp, Made in Italy, weight 0,42 gr.;
  • Professional steel beading wire;

Property and curiosity about the Labradorite stone

The first giacment of Labradorite has been finded in the labrador province, canada among the 1770, others giacments were discovered in madagascar and in the scandinavian penisola; coriusity the labradorite was finded in some meteorites.

According to an old Eskimo legend, the Northern Lights were imprisoned inside a rock along the Labrador coast.
One day, an Eskimo warrior wandering through the area struck the rock masses with his spear, releasing most of the lights trapped in the rock, while those that remained formed Labradorite.

For a popolar belief the Labradorite stone seems very mystic, and it could increase the intuitive capacity inborn in us and improve the psichic capacity.

Labradorite balances intuition and intellect, allowing illusions to vanish and true personal intentions to emerge.

It is a crystal that can expand the limits of the conscious sphere, promoting a healthy appreciation of one’s hidden abilities and talents.

More information about the Labradorite stone on Wikipedia web site.

Additional information


31 inch (80cm), 35 inch (90 cm), 39 inch (100 cm), 43 inch (110 cm), 47 inch (120 cm)


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