Mookaite, Alabaster and Garnet necklace for men

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Handcrafted necklace for men, with a vaguely vintage flavour, composed of natural Mookaite, Alabaster and Garnet stones.



Mookaite, Alabaster and Garnet necklace for men.

Necklace with a vaguely vintage flavour, composed of natural Mookaite stones, in the form of a tube, white Alabaster and in the centre, to give strength and colour, a Garnet stone.

The Mookaite stone is a variety of Jasper (also known as Australian Jasper). It has a semi-matte finish and is characterised by bands of different, very intense colours, predominantly ochre, bordeaux, burgundy and cream.

Garnet is of the almandine variety is red, tending to brown, and is the most common variety of garnet.

Finally, there is Alabaster, milky white in colour with a polished finish.

This necklace is a particular accessory for the man who wears a sporty casual style, has a slim line and warm, embracing colours reminiscent of summer; it is suitable for all those who want to stand out from the crowd and fashion diktats.

Handcrafted necklace with Mookaite, Alabaster and Garnet stones, it is made by hand with quality and hypoallergenic materials.

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Made in Italy.

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  • Necklace width about 4 mm;
  • Custom length;

Detail materials

  • Mookaite stones, tube shape, size about 14 x 4 mm;
  • Garnet stone, diam. 6 mm;
  • Alabaster stones, size about 4 x 2 mm;
  • Stainless steel lobster clasp;
  • Professional steel beading wire;

Property and curiosity about the Jasper stone

…coming soon…

Much more information about the Jasper stone, on Wikipedia web site.

Additional information


16 inch (40 cm), 17 inch (43 cm), 18 inch (46 cm), 19 inch (48 cm), 20 inch (51 cm), 21 inch (53 cm), 22 inch (56 cm), 23 inch (58 cm)


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