Necklace for men with hematite and blue London topaz stones

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Elegant neckalce for man with hematite stones and in the centre blue London topaz stones, Made in Italy.



Necklace for men with hematite and blue London topaz stones.

Handmade necklace, for men, with genuine blue London topaz gemstones and hematite stones.

Elegant necklace and very refined, it would be fantastic gift for the couple that marry himself.

Look our best selection of hematite stones male jewelry.

Available the bracelet to match

Handcrafted necklace, handmade with quality materials.

Made in Italy.

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  • Custom necklace length;

Detail materials

  • Topaz stones, microfaceted rondelles, blue London color, dim. about 4 mm;
  • Hematite stones, polish and matte, diam. about 4 mm;
  • Sterling silver lobster clasp;
  • Professional steel beading wire;

Property and curiosity about the Topaz stone

The story of this wonderful stone started a lot of centurie ago, so in the antiqhity it was considered as a chastity and sincerity symbol; it was gift to girls ready to marry to wish happiness.

The Topaz is mentioned also into the Bible: in the Esodo Book (28:15-30), the gem set in the Aronne pectoral is the Topaz, it needed to make invincible in the danger situation.

In the Apocalisse 21 the Topaz is the nine precious gem that adorns the city foundation of Jerusalem.

As the tradition the stone seems to make the person, that wear it, more conscious of their real desires; weared in contact with the body helps to maintain in movement the interior energies, but in particular to direct and have consciousness of their existance.

It could be used to give interior happiness, relax during the periods of big emotive stress, keep near the skin helps to find the happiness and the renovation, even from the spiritual point of view than fisic.

Much more about the hematite stones, here.

Additional information


16 inch (40 cm), 17 inch (43 cm), 18 inch (46 cm), 19 inch (48 cm), 20 inch (51 cm), 21 inch (53 cm), 22 inch (56 cm)


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