Necklace for man with black Onyx and Carnelian stones

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Necklace for man with black onyx and carnelian stones.

Handcrafted necklace for man, made with black matt onyx and natural carnelian stones.

Nice gift idea for him.

Handcrafted necklace, handmade with quality materials, hypoallergenic.

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Made in Italy.

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  • Customized length;
  • Necklace width about 6 mm;

Detail materials

  • Matt and round black onyx gemstones, diam. 6 mm;
  • Carnelian gemstones, diam. 6 mm;
  • Stainless steel washers;
  • Stainless steel lobster clasp;
  • Professional steel beading wire;

Property and curiosity about the Carnelian stone

The Carnelian was already known a lot of centuries ago, in particular in the Egyptian time, for them it had a particular importance: it symbolized the life because of its red colour, infact it represented the red blood of the divine Iside, it was linked to accurate religious practice, it had the duty to drive the death people during the trip towards the afterlife, for this the gem is on the precious funerary pectoral of the Pharaoh Tutankhamon.

The carnelian stone was utilized also to sculpt a lot of sacred animal as the Aries of Amon and the Horus hawk (symbol of the sun).

In the Buddhism the corniola is one of the seven treasury, one of each symbolized of a different precious stone, and represents the wisdom.

This stone has an important value also in the ancient Islamic religious culture. Maometto, as the tradition, wears a ring with the Carnelian with some verses of the Koran engraved on it, and it symbolizes the unique existence of Allah because is the only god.

More information about the Carnelian stone, on Wikipedia website.

Additional information


18 inch (46 cm), 19 inch (48 cm), 20 inch (51 cm), 21 inch (53 cm)


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