Necklace for men with blue Sapphire stones and silver nuggets

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Thin and elegant necklace for men, handmade of blue Sapphire stones and pure silver nuggets. Made in Italy.



Necklace for men with blue Sapphire stones and silver nuggets.

Thin men necklace, handmade with blue Sapphire stones, and pure silver nuggets, (the silver percentage is 97-99%, instead that the 92.5% as in traditional silver. This it improves the resistence to the natural oxidation).

Thin and elegant the necklace is perfect for the man that wear either elegant than casual…it’s very indicated for the man that loves minimal and discrete accessories

Nice gift idea for your husband, friend, brother, lover, etc.

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Handcrafted necklace, handmade with quality materials.

Made in Italy.

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  • Customized length;
  • Width about 3 mm;

Detail materials

  • Natural faceted sapphire stones, size about 3×2 mm;
  • pure and solid silver nuggets, dim. 3×2 mm;
  • sterling silver lobster clasp, made in Italy, weight 0,42 gr.;
  • professional steel beading wire;

Property and curiosity about the Sapphire stone

By night of times the Sapphire has inspired the thought of men, because of his color blue such as the sky was linked to the infinity concept of the Universe.

In the Bible, the color enchanting of the Sapphire was used to describe the visions of the glory of God: “under God feet there was what it seems as a sapphire work of slabs and for purity as the skies”.

An old persian fable tells us that the sons of the king of Serendip (ancient name of the state of Sri Lanka) were sent on a journey to experience the reality of the world.

By chance the three young princes discovered a mine of Sapphire, from this legend born the original concept english the “Serendipity” or rather luck sensational in finding unexpected things of valory while you are paying attention to something else entirely.

In medieval times this gem was referred to as the “Bishop’s stone”.

Legend wants that in the blue of the Sapphire resided the highest and noblest of human spiritual values and that the gemstone was able to instil wisdom, sound judgement, justice and loyalty.

A short history on the Sapphire stone

Very famous is also the sapphire of saint Edoardo, this gem belongs still today to the English Crown jewellery.

The legend narrates that King Edoardo embedded it in his royal ring; one day he was joined by a beggar and finding no money to give to the poor, the king slipped off the precious ring from the finger and he gave it to the man, who thanking him, went away.

Years later two peregrins went to Edoardo, and they told him to have seen in apparition saint Giovanni the Evagelist.

The saint told them that, disguised as beggar, he had received the ring with the sapphire from the King several years before, he wanted that they gave back it and he will have seen him in paradise within not so long.

And so it was, king Edoardo died six month later.

Today the gem is embedded on the top of the Imperial Crown.

More information about the Sapphire stone on Wikipedia web-site.

Additional information


13.80 inch (35 cm), 16 inch (40 cm), 17 inch (43 cm), 18 inch (46 cm), 19 inch (48 cm), 20 inch (51 cm)


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