Pretty aquamarine gemstone stud earrings for her

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Pretty aquamarine gemstone stud earrings for her. Italian jewelry.

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Pretty aquamarine gemstone stud earrings for her.

Sterling silver stud earrings with delicate aqua blue Aquamarine stones, genuine without chemical treatments.

Delicate and small aquamarine earrings for everyday.

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Handmade with quality materials, hypoallergenic.

Made in Italy, please contact us for every information.


  • Stone diam. about 8 mm;

Detail materials

  • Aquamarine stone, diam. 8 mm;
  • Sterling silver earring studs (without nickel);

Curiosity and properties about the Aquamarine stone

The aquamarine, since far years, has often had an important functionin the human relationship, because of its colour and its transparencies was used to reinforce the empathy between friends and love for the other, encouraging the comunication and fortifing the love and compassion.

The ancient Romans believed the aquamrine a sacred stone, because of its colour they believed it had a particolar connection wit Nettuno God, the roman god of the sea. This connection made it even more dear to sailors; infatc it was weared as amulet to protect from sea monsters and from all the dangers that could have meet during their sea trip.

Also the ancient greeces venerated the aquamarine, wearing it as protective amulet, engraving on it the Poseidon image, the divinity of the sea.

More information about the Aquamarine stone, on Wikipedia website.


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