Natural red coral stud earrings for women

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Red coral stud earrings

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Natural Red coral stud earrings for women.

Sterling silver stud earrings with red coral, genuine without chemical treatments.

Delicate and small red coral earrings for everyday.

Available other stud earrings for woman.

Handmade with quality materials, hypoallergenic.

Made in Italy.


  • Diam. coral 8 mm;

Detail materials

  • Red Coral, diam. 8 mm;
  • Sterling silver earring studs;

Property and curiosity about the Coral

The coral contrarily to what it thinks, isn’t a “plant”, but an animal, infact they are colonies of small polyps that producing calcium carbonate build a branched skeleton called corallo; the ethymology of the word corallo result from the greek “Koraillon” that means “Hard Skeleton”.

His bright red color, made it in the popolar tradition “blood tree” symbol of genarating force and contact with the “divine”, in the ancient tradition (greek and latin) the coral was connex to the blood and life that pulse.

The myto tells that Perseo after to have murdered Medusa, sat down on the beach and put the blooding head of the monster on one shore, full of wickers and that the blood drops commuted the trees into coral.

Between the gems of organic origin, the coral together the pearl, they owe their existence to the sea.

More information about the coral, on Wikipedia.


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