Stainless steel bracelet for men venetian chain

 20,00 (VAT included)

Men’s stainless steel bracelet, Venetian link chain. Light and versatile, it’s perfect for all occasions, also during sport activity.



Stainless steel bracelet for men venetian chain.

This steel bracelet, in venetian style chain, it’s a male jewelry, for a men that likes accessories with a strong style, indestructible but with small dimension.

This accessory made by italian steel is high quality, anallergic and with an intense coloration and brilliance and because of his resistance it doesn’t oxidise during the time, it’s color doesn’t change during the time because it doesn’t brown and oxidise, so it doesn’t need maintenance.

They are very indicated for whom that want an accessory to wear in all situation o during sport activity.

Discovery the necklace to mach with this bracelet.

Made in Italy.

Please contact us if you need more information.


  • Bracelet width about 3 mm;
  • Custom length;

Detail materials

  • Stainless steel venetian chain, size chain 3 x 3 mm;
  • Stainless steel lobster clasp;

More information aboute the staniless steel on Wikipedia web site.

Additional information


6.30 inch (16 cm), 6.70 inch (17 cm), 7.00 inch (18 cm), 7.50 inch (19 cm), 7.90 inch (20 cm), 8.25 inch (21 cm), 8.65 inch (22 cm), 9.05 inch (23 cm), 9.85 inch (25 cm)


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