Stretch bracelet for man with Lava, Hematite and Onyx stones

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Stretch bracelet for man and for woman, handmade with lava hematite and onyx stones. Made in Italy.



Stretch bracelet for man with lava, hematite and onyx stones.

Stretch bracelet for man, or for woman, handmade with raw black lava stones and in the centre two natural hematite cubes and blaack onyx stone.

Light and versatile, it’s a perfect accessory for the man that wear elegant or casual.

This bracelet is “stretch” and is without the clasp; choose the size more comfortable for you: measure the wrist circumference, then add 1-2 cm (0.4″- 0.8″) as you like, choose the size.

The bracelet is made without metal elements.

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Made in Italy, with high quality gemstones.

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  • Width bracelet about 4 mm;
  • Custom length;

Detail materials

  • Raw organic black lava stones, diam. about 4 mm;
  • Black onyx stones, diam. 4 mm;
  • Hematite cube stones, dim. about 4×4 mm;
  • Professional nylon elastic cord;

Property and curiosity about the Lava stone

The lava stones or primary mineral, has the origin from cooling and the crystallization of the liquid magma out of the volcanoes.

It’s semigloss and lightly porous surface, has started, in the popular belief, to consideri it as the stone used to restore the integrity, showing the dark sides of the personality a pushing you to change them.

Weared to the wrist it could contribute to live in a detached way from emotion and can help to preserve the vital energy of the person, it can help to solve strong emotional trauma

It’s the stone of the awareness, it can help to be more conscious of himself e to let out the latent capacity.

Additional information


L 20.5-22 cm or 8-8.7", M 18.5-20 cm or 7.3-8", S 17-18 cm or 6.7-7.1", XS 15-17 cm or 5.9-6.7"


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