Stretch bracelet with black onyx hematite stones and red coral

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Stretch bracelet for man and for woman, with hematite anc black onyx stones and red bamboo coral.



Stretch bracelet with black onyx hematite stones and red bamboo coral.

Bracelet for man, or for woman, handmade with matte black onyx, cube hematite and red coral, lucky charm.

Light and versatile, small dimensions, it’s a perfect accessory for the man that wear elegant or casual… nice gift idea for couple.

This bracelet is “stretch” and is without the clasp; choose the size more comfortable for you: measure the wrist circumference, then add 1-2 cm (0.4″- 0.8″) as you like, choose the size.

The bracelet is made without metal elements.

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Made in Italy, with high quality gemstones.

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  • Width bracelet about 4 mm;
  • Custom length;

Detail materials

  • Matte black onyx gemstone, diam. 4 mm;
  • Red bamboo coral, dim 6×4 mm;
  • Cube hematite stone, dim. 4×4 mm;
  • Professional nylon elastic cord;

Property and curiosity about the Bamboo Coral

The Coral contrarily to what it thinks, isn’t a “plant”, but an animal, infact they are colonies of small polyps that producing calcium carbonate build a branched skeleton called corallo; the ethymology of the word corallo result from the greek “Koraillon” that means “Hard Skeleton”.

The Bamboo Coral is a species of vegetable origine, is a particolar variety of corallo that is located off the coast of Taiwan, called in that way because of the similarity with the bamboo cane, in the reality it’s a root of white color very tough and compact very similary to the Coral and it’s colored.

This material let to have jewelry of high quality that are very similar to the Coral, but they are more cheaper and surely more environmentally friendly.

More information about the coral, on Wikipedia.


Additional information


L 20.5-22 cm or 8-8.7", M 18.5-20 cm or 7.3-8", S 17-18 cm or 6.7-7.1", XS 15-17 cm or 5.9-6.7"


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