Thin Black Spinel and Pyrite stones necklace for man with silver nuggets

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Thin necklace for men, handmade of black spinel and pyrite stones and solid silver nuggets, Made in Italy.



Thin black spinel necklace for men with silver nugget.

Thin men necklace, handmade with genuine Black Spinel and Pyrite stones, and pure silver nuggets, (the silver percentage is 97-99%, instead that the 92.5% as in traditional silver. This it improves the resistence to the natural oxidation).

Thin and minimalist, this necklace is perfect for who loves casual or elegant outfit…very nice for man loves minimal and descreet jewelry.

Handcrafted necklace, handmade with quality materials, hypoallergenic.

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Made in Italy.

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  • Customized length;
  • Width necklace about 2 mm;

Detail materials

  • genuine faceted black spinel stones, size about 2 mm;
  • genuine faceted pyrite stones,size about 2 mm;
  • pure and solid silver nugget,size about2 mm;
  • Sterling silver lobster clasp, Made in Italy, weight 0,42 gr.;
  • Professional steel beading wire;

Property and curiosity about the Spinel stone

The name of this stone is from the greek word “spark” or probably from the latin “punta”.

It appears in different colour tone, from black to red, similar to ruby, due to some elements as crome, iron, cobalt and In the past the Spinel was counted as rubies, for this reason, it gained the name of “big faker” of the real collections.

It was often confused with the ruby, in fact the rubies of the black prince or the Timur ruby that are part of the British Crown Treasury, in the realty they aren’t rubies, but spinels.

Only then it was recognised “the real nature” and included in the precious gems as mineral.

One of the cases of the confusion with the other precious stones is the proximity between the Spinelli e di Corindoni deposits

The spinels deposits are principally in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, but also in Afghanistan,  Australia, Brasile, Madagascar and many other states; they are gems of type II, they generally presents few inclusions visible to the naked eye, despite the standard is eye-clean.

The spinels more big never discovered are at the London British Museum and they weight 520 carats each.

More information about black spinel stone on Wikipedia web-site.

Additional information


16 inch (40 cm), 17 inch (43 cm), 18 inch (46 cm), 19 inch (48 cm), 20 inch (51 cm), 21 inch (53 cm), 22 inch (56 cm), 23 inch (58 cm)


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