Tiny raw ruby pendant for necklace

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Tiny raw ruby pendant for necklace or bracelet. Perfect gift idea for woman for every occasion: birthday, degree, anniversary. Made in Italy



Tiny raw ruby pendant for necklace or for bracelet.

Small raw ruby pendant, ideal to match with your favorite necklace or bracelet, the ring linked to the pendant has a diameter of 5 mm.

It’s possible to buy also the chain, to obtain a very nice necklace (length 16 in).

This tiny raw ruby pendant is a minimal jewel thought for who loves tiny accessories, please verify, for example with a ruler, that the dimension correspond with your expectation.

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Handmade with quality materials.

Please contact us if you need more information.

Made in Italy.


  • Pendant size about 12×4 mm;
  • Width about 4 mm;

Detail materials

  • Faceted raw ruby gemstone, size about 4 mm;
  • 14kt gold-filled metal elements;

Morphology of the Ruby

The Ruby is a red Corindone, an aluminum oxide mineral with chromium inclusions.

The name of this stone comes from the Latin word “ruber”, that means “red”.

Ruby is a coloured variety of Corundum, a crystal formed by the aluminum oxide.

Its characteristic colouring in the red tone is due to chromium, which is present in some corundums, while in the brown shades of some rubies it is due to the presence of iron.

The origin of the ruby is conventionally assigned to Burma, in its Mogok Valley, even today the ruby is mined in the north of this country, nicknamed “The Ladies’ Ruby”.

Other mining places are Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, India, Madagascar, Kenya, Mozambique, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.

Curiosity and property of the Ruby

The ruby is the July stone.

The name of this stone comes from the Latin word “ruber”, that means “red”, and since ever represents passion, love and romanticism.

It’s considered symbol of nobility and giver of virtue, this stone is symbol of enthusiasm, joy of life, cheerfulness and freedom, in addition to be the emblem of love and ardour, force, passion and action.

The Ruby has been every time star of mytos and legends: i.e during the Medioevo people thought that it had divine power and it became dark just before negative events.

Instead, in the ‘800, it was a symbol of nobility and giver of virtue, but also magical amulet against illnesses, nightmares and sofferences.

It’s the vitality stone and, for certain oriental philosophy, it stimulate the first chakra and increases the vital energy (although it couldn’t been different for a stone that in ancient time was attributed to the sun).

Symbol of enthusiasm, joy of life, pleasure and freedom, the ruby is the emblem of love and ardour, force and health in the phisic world, passion and action in the stars world, happiness, faith, sympathy, tranquillity.

More information about Ruby  stone on Wikipedia.

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